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Last updated on August 6th, 2021 at 06:47 am

The Magma Tool is a product of the Magma Team that includes four software tools. Magma Tool with Magma Network Unlock Tool, FRP Unlock Tool, MSL Tool, and EMToken Tool is available for download

Magma is not a free tool. If you want to use Magma, you must buy Magma credits which are charged for every process. Using Magma FRP Tool, Samsung Galaxy users can remove FRP Google account verification with 4 credits to unlock their phone.

Magma FRP Tool and these simple instructions will help you to unlock FRP with just a little penny if you are looking for a fast and hassle-free way to unlock your Samsung phone from FRP.

Magma Tool Team Products Features List

  1. Magma Network Unlock Tool
  2. Magma FRP Unlock Tool
  3. Magma MSL Tool
  4. Magma EmToken Tool

Magma Network Unlock Tool


Version 10.9 is Released (2021-06-05):

  • The application now supports multiple devices


Version 10.8 is Released (2021-05-08):

  • Improved Operation and increased speed for android 11+ devices


Version 10.7 is Released (2021-05-04):

  • General improvement


Version 10.6 is Released (2021-05-04):

  • Added support to unlock TFO Carrier ID
  • Fixed some errors “Failed to write sector 6”

Magma FRP Unlock Tool


Version 2.2 is Released (2021-05-04):

  • General improvements


Version 2.1 is Released (2021-03-03):

  • General improvements


Version 2.0 is Released (2021-01-10):

  • Improved connections


Version 1.9 is Released (2020-11-27):

  • Increased operation speed


Version 1.8 is Released (2020-11-14):

  • Fixed Bugs

Magma MSL Tool


Version 5.2 is Released (2021-05-27):

  • Improved ADB Devices detection
  • Fixed JDM Devices “Failed to write sector (6)” issue
  • Improved ADB/Modem Port automatic selection


Version 5.0 is Released (2021-05-24):

  • Added Support to Repair IMEI for old Qcom MSL16 Devices (ex: SM-G95*U)


Version 4.7 is Released (2021-05-23):

  • Multi-device support has been added


Version 4.6 is Released (2021-05-08):

  • Improved Operation and increased speed for android 11+ devices

Magma EmToken Tool

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Version 1.4 is Released (2021-05-31):

  • Added support to request custom token (TAR file download)


Version 1.3 is Released (2021-05-23):

  • A Warning about Android 11


Version 1.2 is Released (2021-05-19):

  • Improved Port Read Write for remote connections


Version 1.1 is Released (2021-05-17):

  • General improvements


Version 1.0 is Released (2021-05-14):

  • Initial Release

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