8 Ways to Boost Samsung Mobile Performance

Your Samsung phone won’t be capable of running as efficiently as it did the day you opened it? Is your Samsung mobile getting slow day by day? Chances are, You have installed programs with useless files or loaded many Android apps from the Google Play store. However, there are several ways you can enhance your phone’s operation.

Although older phones don’t offer the performance as many new flagship phones such as Galaxy M13 5G. This guide will help you considerably improve your mobile performance. Here are the ways to revive your aged Samsung smartphone.

Clear Storage Space

When your phone’s storage reaches 90% or above, your phone will run slowly. According to manufacturing companies keep your storage under 80%. You must have a free space of 20% to run your mobile phone smoothly. How to clear storage space. Follow the instructions below;

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Now Storage.
  3. Delete unnecessary document files or photos from Galaxy smartphones.
  4. Tap Delete and confirm.

Uninstall Unnecessary Games and Apps

Unneeded Apps and Games not only occupy precious memory space, but it also slows down your galaxy phone and drains the battery. Uninstalling unused apps often improves the smoothness of functionality and can actually add a few more hours of battery life.

Update to Android Version

Make sure whatever version of Android is currently on your telephone must be up to date. Google optimizes Android with every update, which helps reduce load and load time, making for a better overall user experience.

Remove Third-Party Themes

Samsung has a dedicated store to optimize the interface of its display. If you are using a graphics-intensive theme from the third-party store you need to remove that because certain functions require extra time. You may feel lag and hang in day-to-day tasks. So, it’s time to move back to original themes or download from the Official Samsung Store.

Remove Live Wallpapers

You may remember that wallpapers that produce sounds or operate more complex processes will utilize more CPU cycles and shorten the battery life. You may consider enabling the normal wallpapers provided available in default. This process can help in increasing phone performance.

Use BackGround Task Killer Manager

Download and Install Task Killer App to Kill unnecessary background tasks. Set schedules for automatic killing background apps on every hour you designate.

Enable Device Protection

If you download APK files frequently from untrusted sources, you might find yourself unintentionally exposing your phone to adware and spyware. You need to Reset your phone to remove that spyware. If your phone is infected due to files downloaded from untrusted sources, set up Samsung device protection.

Factory Reset

If you are still having difficulties, it’s time for things to take a big decision. A factory reset is extremely powerful, but it will also rise to the extremes, resetting your device to its stock state and wiping all your information. So, make sure to take a backup of your data before going for this step.

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